Our Story

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Our Story

I’ve loved public transportation (buses in particular) since I was four years old. My parents supported my passion and told me to follow my dreams by taking me on buses going to visit our family in New Jersey and whenever we went on vacation. While other kids were playing video games I was collecting bus schedules.

My level of curiosity gradually increased as I grew older. It was no longer enough to collect schedules, write letters to bus companies and public transit organizations (most wrote back by the way), or take trips using multiple modes of transport to different places. I needed to learn and understand why and how things worked the way they did. In high school I started to develop my own ideas on how to run my own operation. From then on, I realized that I created my own life’s goal – to own and operate a transportation company.

I attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, majoring in business administration. I chose this path because I believed such experience and training could help me in the future. While an undergrad at Drexel I worked for three years at BoltBus, a division of Greyhound Lines, Inc. in various operational capacities. It was there that I gained invaluable industry experience working both the front line and the back end planning stages of an active bus operation. My time there prepared me for future work within the industry, including student consulting and research with Drexel and with DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute.

Before graduating in 2013 I realized that I wanted to pursue my dream even further. I did this by solving a very important question for families: how do you visit colleges? The current process is very expensive, time consuming and downright stressful. I wanted to make this process better for the families visiting and the colleges hosting them. With this in mind, I combined my passion and experience in transportation with admissions programming at various colleges to create a college bus tour program (our College Tour services).

Soon thereafter, I saw other applications of this initial idea and expanded the scope of the company. Today, CoTo Travel includes College & Culture tours and collaborative travel for students, young professionals and families throughout the Northeastern United States.

With the support of my family (Irene Antolin, Ronald Stukonis, Emmanuel Francisco), friends (Michael DeBalko, Alexandra Miller, and Andrew Lawson), the LeBow College of Business Entrepreneurship student groups, and countless others, I am living my childhood dream each and every day.


Brian Antolin
Founder & President
CoTo Travel LLC