Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors Program

Interested in our events? Know others want to join? Join our Ambassadors Program!
We believe the best way to build a community of connectors is to connect like minded people. If you are interested in our events, chances are you probably know others who would want to attend as well.
That’s why we created our Ambassadors Program for you to share our event with your network.

About the Program

This program allows you, the Ambassador, the ability to promote one of our events to your network. Get at least 5 people to buy tickets to the event with your personalized event link and code and you as the 6th person in your group, go FREE! No upfront payment is necessary in order to join! All you have to do is register using the form below. A representative will contact you about the process and confirm your participation in the program.


  • The Ambassador MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 people buy tickets AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR to the event WITH THEIR PERSONALIZED EVENT LINK & CODE in order to qualify for their free ticket.
  • Only 1 free ticket will be awarded to the individual ambassador and their free ticket MUST be used for the event they register for.
  • Failure to redeem the free ticket will forfeit any value received through the promotion.
  • The Ambassador’s registration must be approved by a representative of CoTo Travel and an event link and/or code issued before any registrations are counted under their account
  • A limited number of Ambassador opportunities are available for each trip and the exact number will vary.
  • Not all events or tours operated by CoTo Travel will qualify for this promotion, click on “Select Event” below for the most updated list
  • The Ambassadors Program is subject to change without notice and may be terminated for any reason at any time.

Register today to become an Ambassador today or Contact Us for more information