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The team at CoTo Travel knows that you want to go out and travel. But there are so many questions that come along with that choice to discover and explore new places.

Who to travel with?

If you’re planning your one day or overnight getaway, you should start with the company you want to keep? Travel is meant to be experiential and the best way to create memories to last a lifetime is to share your ride and itinerary with people you care about. Great companions on activity trips include family, friends and coworkers. Travel is also a great opportunity to meet new people who share the same interests as well. If you are open to this form of discovery, CoTo Travel offers group organizers the opportunity to convert their trip to a Collaborative event. This option allows you to access the network and marketing power of CoTo Travel to attract other like-minded individuals to your trip, thereby saving you money in the process.

For more information on collaborative charter bus tours, click here.


What to do?

There are a plethora of activities available for you to participate in across the Northeast and beyond. We suggest that you start to think about your trip according to the season. Each season (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer) bring notable activities that fit both the weather conditions and the general mood of the crowd you’ll be with. For example, the Winter is perfect for ski and snowboard trips from NYC or a day of snow tubing . The summer is a great time for weekend escapes to noted destinations such as the Adirondacks, Cape Cod or the Delaware shoreline.

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When to do it?

For most working professionals who work in urban or suburban areas from Monday through Friday during the week, the best time to travel on a one day or overnight trip is on the weekends or major holidays. The idea of travelling on the weekend is the default option for many groups, as it affords the most availability from the people whom you want to share your experience with. While we suggest an early morning departure from your location to your destination (i.e. before 9am) to maximize the time available to enjoy your activity, a late afternoon or early evening departure provides a different perspective to travel that many people appreciate. That said, prices are often higher for weekend activities and accommodations, as most people typically take their free days to venture out from home.

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Where to go?

Many people are travel within a 10-25 mile radius of their home area, as they consider this to be their “comfort zone.” Frequenting the same restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls and “cultural attractions” provides a sense of normalcy, but doesn’t offer add much excitement to your life. For those of you that seek new adventures and something different, take the time to look through our Outdoor Adventure travel guides and sightseeing tour travel guides for inspiration. The most popular locations to travel often lie in the most off-the-beaten path areas, especially in the Northeast. Take Lancaster, PA for example, as it is located just an hour and a half away from Philadelphia and within a three hour drive of both New York and Washington DC. This area known affectionately as “Amish Country” gives visitors a window into a vastly different way of life and multi-generational traditions in dining, agriculture and education among other details.

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Why travel?

People often have their own personal reasons for travelling. The most common involve life enrichment and breaking up the monotony of daily life. Whatever your reason may be trust CoTo Travel to bring you there safely and on time.

CoTo Travel is Collaborative Travel.

For more information on the events we provide transportation to, or if you’re a travel, tour or activity leader looking for a travel solution, click here to learn more.

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