What about your tour hosts/escorts?

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We employ professional, highly trained hosts to accompany you on every step of your college visit excursion. From checking-you in at the origin and return points of your trip, to managing the onsite logistics and assisting with your individual tour plans, your hosts is there to help you. They may set out light snacks and drinks for you to enjoy while enroute (when available) between regions and/or colleges and serve as a point of reference and contact to keep you on schedule and to help if you get lost.

Please note that for our (PHL) Weekend Escape service to New York City, your driver may be the company representative in lieu of a tour host/escort.

For our College & Culture city tours, each tour guide accompanying your group is a professional, licensed guide with the local city, as required by each municipality.

Feel free to ask your host any questions throughout the trip. While they are not allowed to get up and walk around frequently while the bus is in motion for their own safety, they can also answer your questions via phone or text during your trip. We also leave one seat open next to the host for you to sit and visit.