What are the rules on baggage and what can’t I take with me?

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Passengers are allowed two (2) carry on pieces per person. These personal items must be placed either in the overhead luggage compartment or beneath your seat. We strongly recommend that you properly tag all bags and place your name, address and phone number on the inside in the off chance your luggage is lost or stolen. Each passenger is responsible for loading and unloading bags. CoTo Travel LLC and its transportation contractors will not be held liable for any lost or stolen items,luggage or parcels.

No luggage will be transported underneath the bus for one-day tours.

For overnight services, explicit baggage regulations are included in your itinerary and confirmation. We do not allow the transport of weapons of any kind or any material that would be classified by the DOT as a hazardous material. (Acids, ammunition, animals, combustible liquids, compressed gases, corpses, cremated remains, explosives, firearms of all types, fireworks, flammable liquids, furniture, hazardous materials, poisons, radioactive materials, etc.). The company requires each guest to carry their baggage aboard the coach. CoTo Travel LLC and its transportation contractors are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items as a result of you transporting them aboard our contractor’s vehicles.