What do College Visit Buses not include?

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CoTo Travel’s College Visit Buses generally DO NOT include the following (unless otherwise noted):

  • ALL Meals
  • Entrance to any buildings on campus except admissions (entrance into buildings is based on college’s discretion and you may not be able to access all facilities on your own)
  • Touring more than one college in a single day (you get a brief visit as we drive by to pick-up/drop-off other guests, but will not be able to spend the same amount of time on campus as the college you choose to tour)
  • Admittance to sports events or venues (unless otherwise stated)
  • Confirmation of meetings with academic, admissions, student life or athletic representatives (we assist you in attempting to contact them but are unable to facilitate any actual meetings)
  • Engagement with students (we do not directly facilitate any student engagement aside from that which is afforded to us by the colleges)

Please note that the list above is not exclusive of any other restrictions that may be in place by each individual college. Our service is limited to the rules and regulations governing actions of non-collegiate entities and we are obliged to abide by them. We will notify guests of any restrictions not listed above as needed.