What is a College Visit Bus?

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CoTo Travel’s College Visit Buses are specifically designed for families to fully explore, understand and delve into the world of a single college or university. Guests choose one college to fully tour during their excursion. These experiences typically are built around an individual college’s official admissions programming. These programs may include an information session hosted by an admissions counselor, a campus tour guided by a current student, an Open House and/or Enrollment/Orientation Experience program. Some participating colleges require pre-registration and pre-approval of the attendees in order to board the bus. This information will be listed in the trip description and visible prior to submitting your payment.

On one single trip, our bus may make several stops at different colleges to accommodate the varying interests of all onboard. In the process of picking up and dropping off families, each guest will be able to receive a drive-by introductory view of other regional colleges. This option may not be available for all colleges, depending on a particular itinerary.

For the convenience of our guests, we do offer the opportunity to visit certain colleges and universities without any campus programming. Guests are welcome to tour the campus and neighborhood on their own. We will advise guests of this caveat when booking.

Please note that CoTo Travel is not affiliated with the colleges and universities we provide service to. We act solely as an agent for transportation to attend these events and shall not be held liable for any issues and/or situations arising from the event you are attending.