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What is a College Visit Bus?

CoTo Travel’s College Visit Buses are specifically designed for families to fully explore, understand and delve into the world of a single college or university. Guests choose one college to fully tour during their excursion. These experiences typically are built around an individual college’s official admissions programming. These programs may include an information session hosted

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What do College Visit Buses Include?

CoTo Travel’s College Visit Buses include the following features: Same day round trip transportation between to/from a college and/or region featuring numerous colleges Escort onto the college campus of your choice to tour on your own Free time to explore up to one college (up to four hours on campus) Opportunity to attend that college’s

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What do College Visit Buses not include?

CoTo Travel’s College Visit Buses generally DO NOT include the following (unless otherwise noted): ALL Meals Entrance to any buildings on campus except admissions (entrance into buildings is based on college’s discretion and you may not be able to access all facilities on your own) Touring more than one college in a single day (you

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