Industry Tours

Industrial worker actively working in a factory setting

Understanding the World of Business, Commerce and Industry

When students sit in class and listen to professionals talk about their careers and daily roles at work, what goes through their minds? Do they envision themselves in their shoes? Are they yearning to learn more about these intriguing options? Or do they sit back and passively listen while waiting for the bell to ring? For the value that class speakers or even their own parents bring to the table when it comes to work experience, students are at their best when they can see, hear, feel and experience these roles for themselves. An up close look into the world beyond the classroom and into their future starts with learning about career options first hand. Over the past few years, CoTo Travel has established itself as the premier platform for career immersions and industry learning for high school and college students. Our design driven programming allows students to understand and experience various workplaces and career options they may not have been exposed to otherwise. We take immense pride in our ability to build and deliver engaging opportunities that connect students with professionals across industry lines.

Our most popular industry tour offerings for high school and college students include: