Making Connections

Making Connections

Connecting Insight to Strategy

Telling other people’s stories, sharing their insights and translating those lessons to your career or business.

We believe in something called “The Cross.” Short for cross connections, these are lessons learned in one field or area and applied to other situations and verticals. Sometimes the answer to your own personal or professional issues comes from something completely unrelated at its face to your situation. However, when you actually stop and read or listen to the information again, you begin to see the parallels. The person or persons involved may have been in a similar situation or used a similar approach, or their situation may share the same core issues as yours.

With this in mind, we created this blog, Making Connections, as a way to bridge these knowledge gaps. Each article will feature the story of an entrepreneur, freelancer or mentor. Their narrative will be based on how they applied their interests, passions and experiences to solve a problem through their venture. We will also explore how their approach has evolved based on the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

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