NYC STEM Education Tours

Young lady working on science based projects.

We Create Engaging STEAM Experiences in NY

New York City is known for so many things – skyscapers, sightseeing and entertainment among others.
What many are quickly discovering however is that NYC is a hotbed of innovation and change in business and technology. Through the various organizations, companies and individuals that call New York home, it’s only natural to develop an affinity for these changes and want to explore them more.
With the incredible speed these changes and innovations occur, it can be hard to keep up and learn how it applies to the lives of everyday people, especially students. The only way to achieve this is to experience technology from the front lines through a NYC tech tour program. For educators and student groups, we’ve built our NYC STEM tours to bridge these gaps in knowledge, awareness and experience.
We offer several different experiences set to the interests and aspirations of students across the country & around the world. Our NYC tech and startup tour programs are set at varying levels to further comprehension and relevance:
• Beginner – Middle School to High School (ideally 7th to 9th grade)
• Intermediate – High School (ideally 10th-11th grade)
• Advanced – High School & College Students (ideally 12th grade & above)

Current Tracks

The following exploratory tracks are currently offered (New York City only):