NYC Tech Tours for Students

Woman activating technological portal displaying tree.

What our NYC Tech Tours offer High School & College Students

Technology has grown and evolved to become a fundamental part of our lives today. With smart phones, social media and digital platforms transforming the way we conduct business and interact with each other, we collectively need to stay informed on these innovations. While students are often times the ones to notify the rest of the world of the latest and gratest gadgets and platforms, they often don’t see the full picture behind these developments.

These “last-mile” or “last-thought” connections are where real life experiences and interactions with technology come in.
At CoTo Travel, we offer high school and college student groups the opportunity to discover all of the innovative and groundbreaking work taking place in the New York tech community through our NYC Tech & Innovation Tours. Meet entrepreneurs, developers, engineers and support staff and bring your hunger for knowledge as we take you behind the curtain and introduce you to the startup community through our NYC Startup and Technology Tours.

Our most popular tech tour offerings for high school and college students include: