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What is PodcastBus?

The PodcastBus is an unconventional bus ride that’s part conference session, part networking event and part sightseeing tour.

The PodcastBus is an innovative take on the traditional fireside chat that transforms a standard coach bus into a live podcast studio. We harness the often overlooked social aspect of travel to create memorable experiences for attendees and speakers alike. Our events connect people to insights, stories and advice from thought noted experts and thought leaders across various industries. Each event generally consists of two parts:

1. Live Onboard Podcast Recording

Onboard the bus, shortly after departing, we host an engaging discussion featuring noted leaders and experts across various business and technology. In most cases, you won’t be able to see the actual interview taking place due to the configuration of the vehicle used. As an attendee, you’ll listen to our conversation as it happens through the bus speakers, which act as our version of a live podcast. As we travel to our destination through the city, you’ll gain knowledge and perspective enroute.

While we are conducting the interview using the bus speakers, we are also recording video which you can view at your leisure and relive the experience after the event.

2. Connecting at a Communal Dinner at a Local Food Hall

Each PodcastBus event will end at a food hall, restaurant or “foodie” neighborhood. After the podcast interview and live recording session are complete, attendees will be grouped into small breakout pods of 4-6 people. Groups are generally curated according to interest and or need. It’s here where you’ll be able to connect with your fellow attendees and our featured speaker in a fun, casual and meaningful way.


Part live mobile podcast experience on a bus.

Part foodie social.

Come for perspective, leave with insight.

PodcastBus Episodes

Episode 101: Pavan Bahl (Co-Founder and President of Mouthmedia Network)

The first video of our PodcastBus series, recorded on a moving BoltBus travelling along the streets of Manhattan. Our good friend Pavan Bahl of Mouthmedia Network joins our live podcast bus to explain how he and his partners launched their media network of B2B lifestyle podcasts, including Fashion is Your Business. He shares with us the lessons they learned from their initial experience and the factors that are driving content strategy for brands today and in the future.



Episode 102: Sumeet Shah (VC in Residence at Galvanize NYC)

The second video from our PodcastBus community & event series, recorded on a moving BoltBus travelling along the streets of Manhattan. Our good friend Sumeet Shah, currently the VC in Residence at Galvanize NYC joins our live podcast bus to share the inner workings of why startups and brands should embrace community and how each party ultimately benefits from a symbiotic relationship.



Upcoming Events & Episodes

Stay tuned for our upcoming PodcastBus events this Fall in NYC!

PodcastBus for Private Groups

The PodcastBus is also available for private groups, including brands, conferences and other organizations looking to activate their audiences through unique travel experiences and engaging content. For more information, please complete the form below and we’ll help you make your PodcastBus vision a reality!

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