Powering Tomorrow’s Tech Tour

Intro to Virtual Reality & Physical Tech

Technology is changing our world everyday. Understanding the impact of these changes and the track of this evolution, we must experience and acknowledge each item in question. New York City is an organic breeding ground for cross functional innovations that can be applied in different ways to solve problems in various industries. And the tech community in NYC is among the best in the world to bring these visions to life. While other New York tech tours bring you to today’s movers and shakers, only one prepares you for tomorrow’s world by showing you the innovations that will shape it.

The Powering Tomorrow’s Tech Tour of NYC is the key student groups need to accomplishing this task.

Our tours are based the core belief that students need to experience the most meaningful life lessons rather than learn them through textbooks or online articles.

We accomplish this in the following ways:

  • We actively build each program to suit the need and interests of each group.
  • We start with a basic framework and apply different applications of technology through site visits, explorations, activities and workshops to develop a well-rounded perspective.
  • Unique to our student tours is our leadership module, which is incorporated into each aspect of the program. We help energize your group by applying frameworks that allow each student to question and discover what aspects of technology are they most interested in. We then work together as a group to help apply the lessons learned at each location to develop a “mini-roadmap” towards their potential career interest. This module takes place before and after each session and during the group’s transit time between locations aboard your vehicle (chartered bus or van preferred).

Our hands-on, hybrid learning perspective allows each student the opportunity to not only experience technology but learn how to apply what they learn to their own lives.

Students will experience two sides of technology through our Powering Tomorrow’s Tech Tour of NYC:

[icon_text icon=”Database-add” title=”HARDWARE” link=””] HARDWARE: Students will learn how entrepreneurs, hobbyists and craftspeople are solving tomorrow’s challenges through metalwork, fabrication and woodworking among other skills. This program includes a visit to a local manufacturing or makerspace facility. [/icon_text]

[icon_text icon=”World” title=”VIRTUAL REALITY” link=””] VIRTUAL REALITY: Learn about the origins and applications of Virtual Reality and how this technology is being used in our world today Following the lesson, students will have the opportunity to test the technology themselves through interactive activities. [/icon_text]

Additional Details About This Experience
[accordion2 title_1=”Time” title_2=”Availability” title_3=”Pricing” title_4=”Waiver” tab_1=”Approximate program time = 4.5 hours, HALF DAY SESSION. Approximately 3.5 hours of content & 1 hour of travel.” tab_2=”Programs are offered Monday through Thursday between 10am and 4pm based on availability throughout the year. Our busiest times are between April through June and October and we often sell out months in advance. We generally advise groups to contact us 3-4 months ahead of their desired tour date and provide a primary and alternate tour date.” tab_3=”Pricing is based on a minimum of 20 students and maximum of 30 students participating. Each quote is customized to the needs and interests of your student group and what type of program (and activities) you’re looking for. When submitting a request, we strongly advise you to share your desired budget, so that we can provide specific options that can work within your resources. We’ve found that asking this upfront helps reduce any miscommunication between both sides and streamlines the booking process” tab_4=”We require each student, teacher and chaperon sign a release waiver acknowledging the potential issues and danger related to visiting active workspaces and venues and participating in activities within these confines. Please contact us for more information regarding this requirement.” toggle_1=”off” toggle_2=”off” toggle_3=”off” toggle_4=”off”]

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