Startup Tour NYC

What is Startup Tour?

Startup Tour NYC is the premier program introducing industry professionals to the tech and innovation communities in NYC. Since 2016, our unique, mobile summit format brings participants offline to meet and visit with game changing organizations and the individuals leading the charge. By bringing groups to the front lines of innovation, they are able to understand and appreciate how their vision is manifested through their daily work. Each of our mobile summit delegations focus on a specific vertical or area of interest, providing a true deep dive into the industry with the people and organizations transforming the future. That said, we believe in win-win partnerships and design each of our programs to provide mutually beneficial education and networking opportunities for both participants and hosts.

Bringing you to the front lines

As one of the leading startup ecosystems in the world, New York has maintained its prominence as "the place to be." After all, with the eclectic convergence of culture, commerce and charisma, where else would any emerging brand want to be? We help you understand the New York startup experience first hand through our unique tech and startup tours. Our lively and engaging programs help answer questions such as: what type of support and resources are available to startups, industry trends and opportunities, and how emerging brands navigate the many pitfalls of startup life in NYC. Today's tech scene is constantly evolving. To stay relevant and "in tune" with all of the latest developments and applications, we need to understand where tech has come from and where it's going today. Our programs are designed to connect you, the professional interested in tech, innovation and business to the people working tirelessly to bring these innovations to life.

Upcoming Startup Tour NYC Mobile Summits

After several years of offering bespoke innovation experiences for both student and corporate groups, we're happy to introduce our new lineup of Startup Tour programs for individuals and small groups. These special engagements provide each participant with a deep dive into a specific vertical and how it's impacting the greater business and technology communities locally and abroad. Our tours are offered in a small group format with no more than 20 participants per program, allowing us to visit startups and other organizations that are normally off limits to the general public. Most of our programs involve the following featured programs and sessions (subject to change): - An introduction to the NYC tech scene by a prominent community leader - An overview of the current vertical-specific tech industry, operating environment and investment trends by local VCs and press - Multiple site visits to local startups, incubators, accelerators and established brands - BYO lunch and learn networking with other attendees

We offer opportunities for you and your group to experience the NYC tech and startup community exclusively tailored to your needs and interests.  Click here to learn more about our NYC Tech & Innovation Tour programs.

Featured Partners and Collaborators

Our Startup Tour NYC series has garnered the attention and interest of emerging brands and tech giants alike. We've been fortunate to have included site visits and discussions with the following organizations: