Career Immersions for Students

Bridging the Gap

Students today want to see and experience the world on their terms.

They need to see how their knowledge and learning is applied in the real world.

Most importantly, students need to see where they can go and what they should strive for.

What’s the best way to introduce students to the careers, skills and tools needed to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce and global economy?

ANSWER = CoTo Travel’s Career & Industry Immersions!

Our Intro to Industry tours and programs provide educators and schools with a crucial bridge between classroom learning and real world application. Here’s how we do it:

  • We scale our content and shape each experience to meet students at their level
  • We break down valuable lessons not only in industry operations but also in personal & professional development
  • We build and test a feedback loop to ensure students comprehend these lessons & know how to apply to their own journey

Our goal is to help introduce students to opportunity and possibility – that their dreams and interests can be manifested in a career they may not have known existed.  At the very least, students will be able to test drive their interests to determine if they want to pursue as a career.

We’ve proudly worked with the following organizations who understand and support our vision: