Top 5 Tips to Planning a NYC Ski Bus Trip

planning Ski Bus Trips from NYC

CoTo Travel offers you the best opportunity to escape the city with our ski trips from NYC. With so many quality ski resorts within reach from New York City, the choices are boundless. No matter what resorts suits your whims for the day or weekend, trust CoTo Travel to get you on your weekend ski trip from New York City safely and in style.

There are several factors that go into organizing a fun day on the slopes. Scroll down to learn more about how to plan the best ski trips from NYC.

Top 5 Tips to Planning a NYC ski bus trip:

1. Who should you invite to go with you on your ski trip?

Ski trips are a great social bonding experience, especially for people who may only be acquainted with or not know each other well. The whole adventure of leaving the city on the bus from New York to ski resorts early in the morning invites early risers and late bloomers to come together for several hours at a time. Most often, people sleep in the morning, socialize and ski in the afternoon, and recall their adventures on the slopes on the way home.

For students looking for a low cost, exhilarating one day escape by ski bus from New York, look no further than our one day tours. Our NYC ski bus trips give you the option of getting your group out to the slopes early to enjoy the fresh powder, or a little later in the afternoon and evening to take advantage of discounted lift tickets. We’ve found that avid skiers prefer an early arrival, while more social skiers and snowboarders like the idea of sleeping in and going for cheaper tickets. Bottom line: ask the students you’re travelling with what they prefer before you reserve.

For family and friends who want to get out for a one day ski trip from NYC by bus, you need to consider what each individual is interested in doing and what their level of expertise is in regards to sking or snowboarding. Are they a beginner or an expert and if the latter, what elevation are they most comfortable with and what mountain do they frequent? These are all very important questions to ask, as each answer will help determine which ski resort is right for you and your group for your New York ski trip.

2. What activities are available for you at a ski resort?

Travelling together on ski bus trips from NYC allow for great opportunities to discover new activities and rehash old memories during the cold, winter months. For kids, there are multiple activities to keep them busy, including junior ski lessons and snowtubing. At some resorts, game rooms, indoor waterparks and other outdoor winter activities are also available. Likewise, for adults, while the popular slopeside adventures of sking and snowboarding take precedence, other snow-bound activities may include snowshoeing and snowmobile rides and tours at certain destinations. A full listing of the different ski resorts we service on our ski trips from New York City can be found under the “Where” section below.

3. When should you organize and go on a ski trip?

The most popular time for people to go on a ski trip from NYC is Saturday morning. Depending on the distance you’re travelling, it is common for avid skiers to depart from various areas in New York City on ski bus trips between 3 and 4am. The most common destination for people leaving at this time is Vermont, with its world famous slopes. As this trip often runs approximately 5 hours one way during the dead of winter because of adverse weather, an early departure is not only required, but preferred for most people who have visited the Vermont resorts for the day. For ski bus trips from New York to the Catskills, it’s best to depart the five boroughs at approximately 6am to ensure an arrival by 9am to the resorts, before it gets very crowded with other daytrippers. You should keep this time frame in mind if you are planning a ski trip to popular resorts in the area, such as Hunter Mountain, Windham Mountain and Belleayre Mountain. For ski bus trips from New York to North Jersey or the Poconos, a reasonable departure time would be between 6:30 and 7:30am, allowing for an 8:30-9:00am arrival. Mountain Creek, Camelback and Shawnee are just three examples of this rule of thumb being applied.
Most groups who arrive in the morning and stay until the afternoon will depart the resort between 4pm and 4:30pm. The purpose of this departure time on this ski trip to New York is to get back to the city at a reasonable evening hour (i.e. between 8-10pm).

If saving money is your prerogative, you might wish to consider Evening or Twilight ski hours. Traditionally starting in the late afternoon, when most kiers are already finished with their runs and preparing for the trip home, this option is great for budget conscious skiers. Since most late sessions begin between 2 and 4pm, it’s best to depart approximately 2 to 3 hours before your scheduled start time. In most cases, this would mean a departure time from New York City at approximately 12 or 1pm, lasting until 8 or 10pm. With this schedule, you would benefit from less people, but you and your other group members would be skiing in the dark and returning home between 10pm and Midnight.

When organizing these ski trips from NYC, it’s best to begin your planning approximately two months before the trip. The first thing you should do is gather a simple poll on interest amongst the people whom you wish to travel with. After a week, based on the responses you receive, source suggestions from that main group on where they wish to go (i.e. which ski resort they want to go to). From there, you should request your NYC ski bus trip with CoTo Travel by clicking here.

4. Where should you go on your next weekend ski trip from New York City?

Two of the most important questions you must ask yourself when planning and organizing a ski bus trip from NYC are how far are you willing to travel (how many hours) and whether or not a particular ski resort has the amenities or features you’re looking for.

The best way to answer those questions is to explore the different ski resorts in the area.
Here’s a quick guide to the most popular “local” ski resorts:

Mountain Creek – Vernon, NJ
Hunter Mountain – Hunter, NY
Windham Mountain – Windham, NY
Belleayre Mountain – Highmount, NY
Camelback Mountain – Tannersville, PA
Shawnee Mountain – Stroudsburg, PA
Mount Snow Resort – West Dover, VT
Killington Resort – Killington, VT
Okemo Mountain – Ludlow, VT

5. Why should you organize and travel on a ski bus from New York?
Here are the top five reasons why you should take a ski bus trip from New York:

1. A fun activity that you can share with friends and family
2. Gets you out of the city on cold, dreary days in the city
3. A cost effective adventure that gives you access to nature and sport
4. A nice one day vacation away from the problems you want to run away from
5. A bus trip saves you the trouble of renting a car and driving in potentially adverse weather.

Interested in planning your next ski trip from NYC? Start planning your next trip with CoTo Travel by clicking here.