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NYC Green Living & Ecology Tour

Environment & Ecology Discoveries in New York City

  • from $85/student
  • Approx. 3-4 hours
  • Student Groups

Intro to Urban Sustainability & Ecology

Over the past few years, a global movement towards sustainability and “green living” has influenced and changed the way many people, corporations and governments conduct daily functions.  But what does it mean to live green and protect the environment around us?  More importantly, what goes on around us each day to help foster this shift in behaviors to protect the natural resources and infrastructure around us?


Our NYC Green Living and Ecology tour takes students behind the scenes of different groups and organizations tasked with preserving the city’s natural oases and cultivating tomorrow’s food, water and resources.  Our unique tours bring students to the front lines, connecting them with the people and tools actively conducting this important work.

Our Green Living & Ecology options include:

From Farm to City Streets

Get to know the history and impact of greenmarkets in NYC. From everyday New Yorkers to top chefs, learn how urban initiatives to source food locally have fostered healthier lifestyles.

Ecology in the City

Learn how a once-bustling ship yard has fostered the growth of green living in NYC. From urban farms to natural sanctuaries, you'll see and experience the city a different side to the city

Maintaining urban parks

Go behind the scenes of a popular borough park to see how multiple stakeholders contribute to the growth, development and upkeep of public parkland and its surrounding infrastructure.

How does it work?

Our STEM Education tours are based the core belief that students need to experience the most meaningful life lessons rather than learn them through textbooks or online articles. We accomplish this in the following ways:

We actively build each program to suit the need and interests of each group.
We start with a basic framework and apply different applications of science and industry through site visits, explorations, activities and workshops to develop a well-rounded perspective.
Unique to our student tours is our leadership module, which is incorporated into each aspect of the program. We help energize your group by applying frameworks that allow each student to question and discover what aspects of technology are they most interested in. We then work together as a group to help apply the lessons learned at each location to develop a “mini-roadmap” towards their potential career interest. This module takes place before and after each session and during the group’s transit time between locations aboard your vehicle (chartered bus or van preferred).
Our hands-on, hybrid learning perspective allows each student the opportunity to not only experience science but learn how to apply what they learn to their own lives.


Group Reservations

To reserve your private group tour today, complete the form below. We'll follow up with additional information, including availability and pricing.

Booking Request
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Have a Question?

Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

What you need to know

Approximate program time = 5 hours, HALF DAY SESSION. Approximately 4 hours of content & 1 hour of travel.

Programs are offered Monday through Thursday between 10am and 4pm based on availability throughout the year. Our busiest times are between April through June and October and we often sell out months in advance. We generally advise groups to contact us 3-4 months ahead of their desired tour date and provide a primary and alternate tour date.

Basic program price = $85-95/student based on program options selected and minimum of 15 students

Group leader is complementary.  All additional chaperons = $50/person

Pricing varies according to group size and programming options.  Please inquire by submitting a request form above.

Upon receiving your request, we will provide a quote based on availability.  To secure your tour, a $250 non-refundable deposit will be required at time of booking, payable by credit or debit card or PayPal.

Maximum number of students accommodated on this tour is 30 with a minimum of 3 chaperons.

We require each student, teacher and chaperon sign a release waiver acknowledging the potential issues and danger related to visiting active workspaces and venues and participating in activities within these confines. Please contact us for more information regarding this requirement.


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